By consciously choosing Greek creators who mainly use natural material for their creations (silk, wood, leather, wool ect) you personally contribute to the reduction of pollution. This is how:

The energy imprints of our creators are conceived as ideas during the evening, while hanging out with friends and colleagues, in a chill atmosphere with good music and fine wine, but are produced during the day, under the natural sunlight.

Controversial production sites, child labour, overexploitation of raw materials, mass production, fast fashion, cheap materials, plastic waste, have no place in Just-Greece.

We believe that it is our moral duty to deliver a cleaner planet to our children. We also donate an important part of our revenue to public benefit foundations in Greece, known worldwide for their social action. We currently support the following foundations:

The Smile of the Child

The Care Association

We sincerely thank you for your love and support!

Ecological impact

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