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Just Greece: Upgrading Hoteliers to worthy representatives of the Greek Culture!
Just Greece is offering a new innovative service for tourism professionals, providing the opportunity to upgrade the services offered, to satisfy customers and to increase revenue.
In particular, through this service, the company is offering a series of innovative products-works of art to tourism professionals with great success, providing significant comparative advantages in order to differentiate themselves from their competition. Specifically:
1. It offers innovative products-works of art, 100% Greek and EXCLUSIVELY by Greek designers and artists.
2. It collaborates with top Greek designers, constantly offering new collections and recommendations!
3. All products are limited edition, thus enhancing their uniqueness and differentiating them from related products. Also, some of the products are literally one-of-a-kind!
4. It uses high quality materials with the best possible value for money.
5. It contributes to the revenue increase of any tourist business with a minimum initial cost for the establishment of the collaboration.
6. It offers partnership opportunities, either shop in a shop or with an online affiliate plug-in.

The partnership
The partnership with Just Greece works in two ways, as described below:
1. Partnership opportunity by providing a space for the sale of Just Greece products within the facilities of the tourist business.
2. Partnership opportunity through the valid and reliable method of affiliate marketing. Each tourist business has a unique sales ID and receives a percentage on the sales made through its own networks for providing updates, promoting and selling this innovative service. Retail customers (b2c) can take advantage of a discount code from the tourist business, which is valid for the duration of the customer’s stay in the tourist business, and the business acquires revenue from a department that has not been utilized so far. Clearly a mutually beneficial collaboration for all, a win-win deal!

So, for all of you who want to be the first to learn of new patterns, designs and accessories by exclusively Greek artists, Just Greece is here for you!

In the showroom of Just Greece you will find innovative Greek works of fine art for the entire family from a wide range of products, such as:
– Clothing
– Footwear
– Accessories
– Jewelry
– Cosmetics
– Decorative items for your business and home

Just Greece is constantly looking for and discovering new talented and charismatic Greek designers and artists from all over the country!
All items are strictly and exclusively produced by Greek artists, with superior quality materials and they are accompanied by the certificate of authenticity of Just Greece.

Moreover, the company participates in international trade fairs, promoting and showcasing the unique Greek Culture to the international public through innovative, limited edition products-works of art.

Put your trust in the company’s renowned dressmaker for the most special moments of your life, such as weddings, christenings or receptions, and stand out with unique Greek creations.

It is no coincidence that leading tourist businesses choose Just Greece as the main supplier for their select clientele!

You can admire up close and acquire at wholesale prices all the new exhibits of the top Greek designers who collaborate with the company at the showroom of Just Greece, located at 33 Dionysou St. in Marousi, Attica.

Visit the showroom of Just Greece or the e-shop at

Greece at its best!