influence & affiliate marketing

Dear Partner of Just Greece affiliate marketing, with special pleasure we present to you the unique advantages of our Service!

We work with some of the World’s leading Bloggers, Influencers, Travel Sites, e commerce platforms, podcasters, youtubers, etc … and the list of online e marketing is constantly growing!

Real Pro e-commerce agents have realized the importance of constantly feeding their sometimes greedy and sometimes selective audience, with High quality and “most-wanted” content. But they do not stay only in this anymore! Aware of the different impact of each medium, professionals choose to work primarily with a reliable affiliate marketing system that will give them added value in their posts and will have a significant percentage profit from sales, individually or in groups, that will make from their own sales channel maintained by each one of you!

Why work with us:

1. We provide you with innovative products-works of art 100% Greek and ONLY by Greek designers and creators. GREECE IS VERY STRONG BRAND NAME abroad and has fanatical friends!
2. We collaborate with the leading Greek Designers with constantly new collections and proposals!
3. All our products are of limited production, thus enhancing the uniqueness and differentiation from related products. And some of our products are unique, literally!
4. High quality materials with the best possible value for money
5. and finally, we provide you with one of the highest commision rates on your Sales, even higher than Amazon!

In summary, we give you a lot of supplies to make extra money from your work.
We will be happy for you to prove to be a worthy Partner for us and to benefit from our innovative services! Just confirm your serious interest in this position, and we will contact you shortly for a first teleconference where we will discuss further our upcoming collaboration.
Yours sincerely,
Tony Zegos.
Master Mind of Just Greece