1. Welcome to Just Greece website.

The company operates under the distinctive title Just Greece. The logo as well as all the content of our website is owned by Mr Zegos Tony, who is the legal representative of the company.

The visit and use of this website-portal is subject to the conditions set out below. The use of the portal is a presumption that visitors / users have carefully studied, understood and unreservedly accepted all the terms of use of the portal Just Greece.com

1.1 The above acceptance applies to all visitors / users of the Portal (hereinafter users), ie 1) ordinary users (hereinafter “members”), who have the ability to simply read and view the content of the Portal and subscribe to it thus obtaining a specific username (password) and password (login) for login (login), and 2) the artists-exhibitors (hereinafter “members”), who are registered users-artists with full profile and uploadable ( upload) files. The Terms of Use are binding on all users. In case the users do not agree with the terms of use of this, they must not use the services and content of the portal. These terms of use may be reviewed and updated at any time without notice. Therefore, it is the sole responsibility of the users to check, at regular intervals, the terms and conditions of use of the portal as its continuous use implies the acceptance of these changes.

2.0 Intellectual Property

2.1 All rights arising from the intellectual property projects contained in the portal are protected and governed by national, European and international law. Specifically, all the content of bestolive.gr, including (indicative but not restrictive) texts, information, graphics, images, photos, font, database, source code, logo, trademark, etc. is subject to copyright and is governed by national, European and international copyright law, national, European and international industrial property law, including applicable general and / or specific provisions of applicable law, and unfair competition law.

2.2 The content of the portal is provided to users “as is” for their own information and for personal use. This content may be temporarily copied to the memory of a personal computer for easy reading. However, this content is expressly prohibited from being traded, copied, modified, reproduced, retransmitted, transmitted, distributed, sold or downloaded in any way, either by users or by any third party. Therefore, the above can only happen with the explicit prior written consent of the portal owners. It is noted that these actions are indicative and in no way restrictive.

3.0 Responsibility-Rights-Obligations of Users

3.1 The use of just-greece.com must be made for exclusively legal purposes and in a way that does not restrict or impede its use by third parties. The users of the portal are obliged to use this portal in accordance with these terms and not in a way that causes damage or malfunction to it, affecting its proper and orderly operation.

3.2 Users are solely and personally responsible for all operations (content they post or publish) performed from their account (user account) and must log out after the end of each session (logout). In case users notice any unauthorized use of their account they must contact the portal administrator immediately.

The portal is not responsible in any case for damage that resulted from non-compliance of users with the above. However, users may be liable for damages or losses of the portal due to their inability to comply with the above.

3.3 The user expressly accepts, agrees and agrees that a) it does not contradict the law, good and transactional manners, b) it will not offend the personality of third parties (sending or posting abusive or racist content), c) it does not violate any privacy, personal data, individual and social rights of users or third parties and d) will not mislead, damage or deceive the company in any way. If the above takes place, the company expressly reserves the right to exercise any of its legal rights. In any case, the company, with the express reservation of all other rights, reserves the right not to allow, reject or even delete content, which in its judgment violates the above acceptance or is offensive, illegal or violates the rights of any third party. natural or legal person. The company is not obliged to monitor the content and does not undertake any explicit obligation to modify or remove content that is contrary to the above. In this case, the only person responsible for any third party for the content he submits or uploads to the portal or for any information and material he transmits to other users or third parties is the respective user of the portal.

3.4 The user of the portal is prohibited to install and promote, in any way, any kind of unsolicited and / or unauthorized advertising and / or unsolicited spam, chain mail, as well as any other form of unwanted promotion (electronic and non-electronic) content using the services of the portal, as well as to install and promote ads without the written consent of the company.

3.5 The portal user is also prohibited from installing, promoting and / or disposing of content containing digital viruses or any other electronic code, file-program or program designed to interfere with, destroy, restrict or interrupt the operation of any software or any other software. other services of the portal or connected to it or to prevent other users from using the portal and any services that may be connected to it.

3.6 The user is obliged not to disclose information, his own or third parties that contain personal data of users or third parties in real-time and non-real conversations, nor when using any service of the portal and any service related to the portal and provides communication more than two users.

3.7 The company in no case claims copyright on texts, images, photographs, project files, which the registered and members can submit or upload. Upon submission or upload, subscribers and members retain any rights they may have over the content, but are subject to its terms of use and restrictions. Thus, by taking the above actions, the members transfer to the company, indicatively and not restrictively, the right to use, reproduce, modify, withdraw, as well as to make the content accessible to the public through the services of the portal including without exception and all services or applications that will be associated with it and especially with the personal profile of each member. The above rights of the company cease to apply if a member decides to withdraw part or all of the content that he will have submitted, uploaded, etc. In this case the member explicitly accepts that the company does not bear any responsibility and is not obliged to demand the withdrawal of content from third party services related to the portal so that it is possible to display the content in third party services even after the Member has withdrawn from the portal.

3.8 The members, by submitting or uploading (upload) certify that they are the owners, prefects and owners of the content and that therefore they do not infringe any intellectual property rights, copyright, contractual rights and any kind of rights of any third natural or legal person. In case of violation of the above rights they are solely responsible, individually and in whole, to compensate any user or third party for violation of these rights and the company bears no responsibility.

3.9 In case any user or third party, copyright holder of the content of the portal considers that his rights on it are violated, he must immediately notify the administrator of the portal, after first submitting:
a) electronic signature or written authorization of the body of the intellectual property rights,
b) a detailed description of the project and the infringements of the intellectual property rights that it considers to have occurred through the portal in this content;
c) identification of the specific content, which infringes the copyright work as well as the exact point of the website, where the infringement of the copyright exists,
d) complete contact details,
e) responsible statement that in good faith confirms that the use of this content infringes intellectual property rights or is contrary to law and finally
f) a solemn declaration that the information provided is accurate and that it is the holder of the infringed rights or its legal representative.

3.10 Especially for the artists-exhibitors, who will be asked for personal information, in order to be given a password so that they can access additional services of the portal, they explicitly state that the information they provide is valid, complete, true and accurate. The company expressly states that it will not disclose this information to any third party. Artists-exhibitors are solely responsible for all their actions performed through the services that require the password. The company reserves the right to refuse whenever it deems appropriate the assignment of a password, to cancel a password, as well as to terminate and prohibit the use of the portal services to any user.

4.0 Eligibility to Register Members in the Portal-Minor Protection

4.1 The services of the portal are intended only for adults over eighteen (18) years, for minors who have limited legal capacity as well as for minors who have the explicit consent of their parents or guardians. However, minors under the age of fourteen (14) are explicitly prohibited from using the portal and adults are required by law to protect them. However, if underage users under the age of fourteen (14) years state a false date of birth in order to register and use the portal services, the company is not responsible for their exposure to its content or for any other use of the Portal.

5.0 Statement of Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

5.1 The user agrees that the use of Just Greece.com is at his own risk. Provided there is no mutually acceptable written agreement between the company and the user and to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law the company offers the services of the portal and its content “as is” and does not make express statements or warranties, implied , institutional or other about the Portal and its use. Indicatively and not restrictively, the company does not make statements and guarantees of non-violation or the absence of hidden or other defects of accuracy or the absence of errors whether they are recognizable or not. Therefore the company disclaims any responsibility regarding:
a) errors, inaccuracies or loss of portal content and / or user posts,
b) any damage resulting from the use of the portal, correct or not,
c) unauthorized access or use of the server on members’ personal data,
d) any interference, destruction, restriction or suspension of portal services, e) used and / or will use the portal,
f) any mistake due to action or omission regarding the content, or for any loss or damage resulting from the use of this content.

5.2 The company disclaims any responsibility for any product or service advertised or offered through the portal and in no case will it monitor or become part of any transaction between users but also between any user and any provider of web products or services that may be advertised. or to collaborate with the portal.

5.3 The use of Just Greece.com implies the use of the Internet which is a means outside its jurisdiction and control.

Therefore bestolive.gr does not bear any responsibility for any delays, failures, interruptions, or damages of any data or information related to it.

Under the condition of different mandatory regulation from the current law, in no case will the company be liable to the users based on any legal reasoning concerning special, accidental, caused, imposed as a penalty or for example damages resulting from the use of the portal yet and whether the company is aware of the possibility of causing such damage. The user of the portal explicitly accepts that the company will not be responsible for the content or any illegal or offensive behavior of any user or third party and fully accepts the risk of any infringement or damage from the above reasons.

6.0 Cookies

6.1 The portal uses cookies to identify its users, ie small files that are automatically created on the hard drive of users’ computers when they visit the portal. These files may contain information such as which websites users visited or how much time they spent on them. In no case are they harmful to users’ computers. Users have the option to disable them from their browser if they do not want to use them. In this case, however, they will not be able to use the services of the portal

7.0 Links

7.1 The portal may post regular links or permanent links (Links) to third party websites or websites (affiliates and / or advertisers). The availability, content, privacy policy (privacy policy), quality and completeness of these websites or websites is not controlled and therefore the portal is not responsible for the provision of these services. In no event may the company agree or accept the content or services of the websites or websites, or that it is related in any way to those to which the links posted on its portal refer.

8.0 Applicable Law

8.1 The company is a Greek company and therefore its operation is governed by Greek, European and international law.

9.0 Return Policy 9.1 The customer reserves the right to unjustified return of products within 14 calendar days from the date of receipt of the products. 9.2 Exceptions to the right of withdrawal: Returns are not allowed: a. if the packaging has been damaged, damaged or soiled, b. in special offer products c. after the end of the 14 calendar days In case of dispute or dispute between itself and any third party or third parties responsible for resolving it, the substantive courts of Athens are appointed unless the company itself chooses otherwise. For any eventual and / or subsequent dispute, dispute or dispute, the Greek judicial system will be responsible, whether it concerns the trial or the arbitration / mediation between the parties. In particular, for matters relating to a dispute or dispute related to the internet, the general rules of Greek Civil and Criminal Procedure, as well as of Public and International Private Law, will apply.

The Just Greece team.